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Result Mediation Foundation

Rietdijk 8
3994 AJ Houten

Company details

The website and the brand are used by Result ADR B.V., Result Mediation Centre B.V. and Result ADR Family Mediation B.V.

Result ADR B.V.
KvK: 34189768, Amsterdam
BTW: NL813131418 B01
IBAN: NL97ABNA0486514439

Result Mediation Centre B.V.
KvK: 55911439, Amsterdam
BTW: NL851907702 B01
IBAN: NL 96 ABNA0527694061

Result ADR Family Mediation B.V.
KvK: 34280546, Amsterdam
BTW: NL818345111B01
IBAN: NL 02 ABNA 0455203385

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